Pick Me Up at Somerset House

Pick Me Up is a graphic art fair currently on at Somerset House.  I was drawn to this exhibition when I saw someone tweet a picture of their preview invite (see here). I guess the creative side of me, which seems to have come out of it’s shell in the last few months, gets drawn to creative and new ways of grabbing your interest and drawing you in to what ever is being offered.  So I was sold on this early on!

What I loved from the start was the detailed works using tools almost reminiscent of my days of drawing as a child.  A bit of pencil here, some crayon there and creative use of collage.  Whilst I’m no graphic designer and I couldn’t recreate them exactly, I think the style makes them appealling to all ages.  The rest of the exhibition varys in style from typographic prints , to small light installations, to bold and daring designs.  There’s a lot of interaction for visitors as you can get involved in printing tshirts and creating your own art, it’s almost like you’re in an artists studio.  All of the art can be bought and prices start at an affordable £2.50.  As they were happy for you to take photos, you’ll find below some of my favourite pieces.

This is one of the early pieces in the exhibition and I loved how it’s colourful,almost child-like but the emotion in the face could be interpreted differently by all ages.

I loved that they offered so many activities to get involved in and let your creative side out.

 I love typographic prints.  I think it’s the English student meeting my creative interests which draws me in.  They’re also direct and generally its meaning is easily digested .  If you want to see more or buy a print, check out A Two Pipe Problem’s website

We’d love a dog in our flat, this reminded me of my housemate’s favourite canine.  Soma Gallery has a great collection of prints like this on their website.

There were so many rooms to explore, I wish I’d booked in to go at the weekend so I could spend more time wandering around. 


I loved the layering on these images by Niki Pilkington, her website is pretty cool too.

I like how even in a photo of a photo this camera stands out.  The quality of this image by Zim and Zou should be what I’m aiming for with my new camera!

A happy and fun picture.

This could almost be me, particularly on Wednesday when I most often sleep through my alarm.  I think it’s an illustration by Riikkas and I like the style of her work, some are a bit strange but it’s worth checking out her website too. 

The event ends on Sunday 1 April so get in quick if you want to look around.  If you do make a visit check back in here and let me know what you liked most about the event and who your favourite artist was!