London Parks: A sunny day at St James’s

On a sunny day London’s green spaces show their true colours, highlighting themselves as one of the great free things to do in this city. St James’s Park is no secret thanks to its royal location, but it’s this location which makes it such a great park to spend a sunny afternoon in. It’s definitely one of my favourite parks in London.


As a sunny Sunday arrived this weekend and I was excited to try out my new camera, I had a great excuse to pop down, explore and remind myself of one of the reasons London is a great place to live.


St James’s unique selling point is its views. As it’s bordered by the Mall, Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace and Houses of Parliament, each corner is surrounded by spectacular, historic and beautiful buildings. The green spaces wrap around a serene lake which provides a nice relaxing atmosphere. You definitely get a different perspective of Buckingham Palace here, you can almost imagine you’re in the Queen’s back garden!

As for things to do, I think it’s great for a leisurely stroll as you can take in all of the views on offer. Within the lake there’s Duck island, a bird sanctuary which means that as you walk around the lake perimeters you’ll find swans, geese, pelicans and more.  Of course it’s also great for sitting in the grass (or on one of these lovely deckchairs) and doing whatever you like most to relax in the sun, be that reading a book, enjoying a picnic or chatting with friends.

This park is a another great example of something which is a treat to have pretty much on your doorstep.   I’d love to hear what your favourite parks are, whether a well-known one or just a great find worth sharing!