An abstract evening at Tate Britain: Picasso and Modern British Art

March seems to be my month of culture as this week I went to a second exhibition, Picasso and Modern British Art at Tate Britain. Tate Britain is one of the only major London galleries I hadn’t been to so I was looking forward to something new with something famous.



Under the spring sky and evening light, Tate Britain looked like another beautiful historic building with a great riverside location. I only had admission to Picasso so unfortunately I can only comment on this exhibition, but if you have been for a general visit share your thoughts or recommendations here!




As for Pablo Picasso, I’m familiar with some of his paintings as I think it’s difficult to not to have seen his most famous pieces but this exhibition shows the key part he has played in art culture and just how many major artists he inspired. I think what struck me most is how complex his works are.  I know with most artists your meant to read into things but I don’t do this that often as really a painting of a tree is a painting of tree, for Picasso you’re forced to see the complexities as you have to work out what you’re even looking at. Some of the pieces were so abstract it made most of the exhibition mind boggling and I decided that even if I did have a few million pounds I don’t think I couldn’t hang a Picasso on my wall.




My favourite pieces from the exhibition were the infamous ‘Weeping woman’ (above) as I felt it summarised the complexity and abstract nature of his work, and Hockney’s ‘Painting trolley’ (below) as it linked nicely to my recent visit of his exhibition and I liked his overt reference to Picasso.




Have you been to the exhibition? Enjoyed it or could take it or leave it? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts!