City escapes: Brighton

Brighton is one of the closest seaside resorts to London, you can reach its pebbly shores and look out to sea in around an hour. Me and my good friend Lucinda thought it would make a perfect daytrip, satisfying our need to get away from the city and a small escape budget.



The seaside is one of my favourite places, the sound of waves hitting the shore and gazing out to an endless horizon is a such contrast to the hectic life of the Big Smoke. Apart from the nice views, Brighton offers plenty to do so we had a busy day of exploring and by the end of it we were pretty shattered.

Here’s what we got up to…

Wandered around the Lanes. Brighton has a maze of alleyways and lanes full of independent shops and boutiques, with a few cute cafes and restaurants in between. A great place to have a leisurely browse around! We started at Meeting House Lane and worked our way down to the sea front.

Strolled along the beach. It was raining and pretty cold but the pebble beach made for an easy(ish) stroll along the beach, you can get close enough to the shore to hear the rolling waves without covering every part of yourself in sand. Under the stormy clouds the western Pier looked lonely and eery but the bright coastal shops were a nice contrast and a shelter to the dreary skies.

Gambled a few pennies in the Pier’s arcade. Brighton Pier is the one place which reminded me of visiting as a child. Gambling your pocket money away seemed like a big deal at the time, now you get the same childish excitment but recognise it’s only a few pennies.

Gazed at the Pavillion’s royal luxuriousness. The Royal Pavillion is pretty spectacular, its exotic granduer doesn’t sit comfortably in its British surroundings but this just makes stand out more starkly. Step inside and you’ll find rooms filled with the lavish taste of King George IV. The audio sets come at no extra cost to the entrance fee (£10 standard adult ticket) and I recommend picking them up as it helps put something you wouldn’t find these days into context.

I did have a little help from a Brighton resident, so big thank you to John for helping to organise our visit.

I’ll be reporting back on where we enjoyed sweet tooth satisfactions and seaside eats later in the week so come back to find out more! In the meantime check out some great pictures of Brighton on the Mulberry blog, who knew our trip was so on trend!