Sweet coffee satisfaction – Vagabond, Finsbury Park

Time Out London is one of my favourite sources for finding new places to try out in London so when a review of Vagabond, a coffee place in Finsbury Park, popped up on my Twitter feed it was open and read in minutes. As I decided to test out my IT skills last Saturday, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to pop down there and avoid the trappings of Costa Coffee for caffeine satisfaction.

On first impression, it was another great example of a nice cozy independent coffee shop, it had a rustic sort of warehouse feel with wooden benches and big metal lighting. It’s the kind of place where I wanted to have the Macbook I don’t yet own, sit in the window and watch the world go by. This description may make it sound a bit pretentious but really it’s not, just one of those cool places you want to sit and be cool in.


As for the coffee, it went down well. I’m no expert but it seemed to have a bit of a fruity taste which was unusual but not unpleasant. I didn’t have my usual slice of cake after the previous week’s afternoon tea but they did look homemade and tempting.  A recommend if you live in North London, particularly Finsbury Park or Crouch End.

It was a nice afternoon break, getting some caffeine satisfaction, followed by a nice sunny stroll through the park back to our flat.