Daylight robbery

I couldn’t go back to regular blogging without mentioning experiencing one of the downsides to this city life – the crime. Earlier this week our flat was broken into during the day, turned upside down and all grabable valuable items taken. Whilst I can deal with a stolen laptop and just about my digital camera, the hardest thing to swallow was the theft of jewellery which had sentimental value, something you can’t replace for a few hundred pounds.

City life comes with it’s prices and, as most areas attract a mix of the wealthy and desperate, theft can be commonplace. I don’t think this means you have to walk round being suspicious of everyone, I think you just have to be a bit more careful and practical. I also don’t hear of it every day in London, just a bit more often than my hometown Birmingham, so don’t let this side tarnish a generally great city.

It’s been a bit of a wake up call for me so I thought I’d share a few things to keep yourself and your things safe.

Get contents insurance – when you share a house it seems more hassle than it’s worth but when it’s taken you pay the higher price not the insurance company.

Backup your photos– luckily I have a spare drive with some old photos and I’m always up to date on Facebook so I have most pics but I’d like to have kept them all. I’m going to be finding a way to back them up a second time to protect them further. The great suggestions I’ve received so far are Flickr, Livedrive and Dropbox so I’ll keep you posted on the best one I find!

Hide valuable jewellery. If you’re really attached to something keep it safe and hidden.

Consider the security measures in your house. Do you have a burglar alarm? A dodgy back door? Is there anything that could be done to tighten up your security? Then speak to your landlord, you probably pay high enough rent that they should be able to do something which protects you and their property.

Check out your technology.  The world’s big brother seems pretty helpful in light of a theft, apparently due to the technology in Apple products it can track down the location of devices such as iPads and iPhone, so it may be worth checking out what clever technology keeps track of your devices in case you want the Police to find it. 

Hopefully this hasn’t happened to you but if you have any top tips on how to protect yourself and your property, please share!


  1. Charlotte
    March 7, 2012 / 4:42 pm

    Everything that is on my laptop is backed up on a USB stick which cost less than £30.

    This means that if ever my laptop was stolen, or if it breaks, I can easily transfer all my photos, music and files to a new computer.

    • ThisCityLifeLondon
      March 7, 2012 / 5:54 pm

      Thanks Charlotte! I definitely need to get a good one of those for a safe back up.

      I still wonder if an online backup to that would be useful or is that going to the extreme?! I know what I’m like, I’d probably put the USB stick in the laptop bag or lose it!