City eats: The Windsor Castle, Marylebone

The Windsor Castle is one of my favourite places to eat near the office.  It combines two great things, a traditional quirky pub and good Thai food.  The first time I went there for some post work drinks I thought it looked like a real old man’s pub, the kind where you feel like you need to know your bitters and ales.

After a few visits, although this is still a pretty accurate description, once you take the time to sit down and enjoy the Thai food on offer you start to appreciate not only the great food but also the quirky surroundings.  The walls and even the ceilings are covered with all sorts of memorabilia (the royals being particularly prominent), sort of like a hoarders living room.  You could spend a lot of time inspecting this pub and get an interesting perspective British culture, the royals, the fashions, the beers.

I can’t say much about the bitters or ales on offer, except that it can’t be bad if I’ve been there a few times with men in company and not heard any complaints.  However, I can be confident in saying the Thai food goes down very well and at a good price (our meal came to £17 each for a starter, main and drink).

 If you like Thai food, a traditional pub, or enjoy quirky places I’d recommend making a visit.  It’s great for a post work dinner and I would imagine an interesting place to sit and enjoy a pint and a paper.  You’ll can find it on Crawford Place, Marylebone.