University life nostalgia

After spending the weekend in my university town Leicester, I’ve realised just how different city life is compared to the carefree days as a student.  I can’t help but indulge in a little nostalgia for a life I loved and often would like to relive again (for a few days or weeks anyway).

I think what I miss the most is the simplicity, life then was all about trying to read like superman, caffeine fuelled late nights before essay deadlines and going out far more than my liver would like me to.  Our worries were usually about whether we’d done enough to pass our exams, if we’d able to get a ticket to union nights before they sold out  or even had enough money to be able to go (oh how we loved Red Leicester and Madferit). We spent most of our time with friends, nursing hangovers, dealing with ‘The Shame’ from the night before and learning how to look after ourselves.  The cost of things was pretty cheap then too, £35 per week rent and nights out for under £20 seem unfathomable now!

However, the simple life did come with its drawbacks, mainly not having much money to make life a bit more comfortable.  Although city life is expensive I do have a nice warm home, I can pay for holidays, eat out more and enjoy new experiences.

Hopefully I’ve set the scene for your own nostalgic indulgence about an earlier life a world away from today, it certainly makes you appreciate what you had then and what you have now!