Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum

I’m fascinated by the skill of wildlife photographers and the lengths they go to capture spectacular moments in the wild.  I was gripped by the BBC’s Frozen Planet series and so I couldn’t miss visiting the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum.

Similarly to Frozen Planet, the exhibition shows that skill and determination is definitely required to capture wildlife on the ground, underwater, in arctic conditions and the hot African plains.  The photos I liked the most varied from simply featuring my favourite animals, to being worthy of display in my imaginary warehouse apartment, to capturing a moment perfectly and, dare I say it, for being pretty cute (Tiny warm-up is a prime example).

Here are my top five photos:

·       Stack of suitors – Marcel Gubern (favourite animal)

·       Crane perfection – Stefano Unterthiner (display worthy)

 ·       Snow kings – Ole Jørgen Liodden (favourite animal)

·       Taking flight – Paul Goldstein (amazing moment)

 ·       Family tree – Paul Goldstein (amazing


The interactive kiosks were a clever way of encouraging comment and picking your favourites, but I can’t help think that a QR code and a less clunky online process would have been even better.

The exhibition closes on 11 March so get in quick and book tickets in advance.  The Natural History Museum attracts queues at the weekend but tickets provide queue jump (making the £9 even more worthwhile!).

If you’ve seen the exhibition already I’d be intrigued to know your favourite photos, so please comment below!