Snow day Sunday

Snow is my second most favourite weekend weather, it will never beat those rare hot summer’s days, but it has the power to transform a city into a winter wonderland and make most of us Brits smile.

As this weekend was the first snowfall of the winter I was pretty excited to get out for a nice long stroll.  One of the great things about London is its parks, for such a big city there are a surprising number of green spaces within easy reach.  I decided to venture out toPrimrose Hill which is quite small park, well known for its view of the city and wealthy local residents. It was certainly a hot spot for sledges today and I was pretty tempted to ask someone for a go, but being on my own I thought better than releasing the inner child.

I continued my stroll in the nearby Regent’s Park which I found much more enjoyable, peaceful and picturesque. One tip, DO NOT wear wellies for a long snowy walk, after a few hours I started to lose the feeling in my toes.

If you do want to stop for a hot drink and thaw out I would recommend Cachao Toy Cafe, quite cosy, nice food and always seems to attract a well-known face.

For more photos visit my Flickr page, I got pretty camera happy thanks to yesterday’s visit to the Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibition!