Happy Chinese New Year from London

As a multi-cultural capital city, London celebrates most of the world’s great events, some of them brilliantly, some of them not so brilliantly.  I think Chinese New Year might be one of those which didn’t leave a great first impression but may be worth a second chance.

I’ve not written it off completely as I think we learnt a lesson in the need for more careful planning today.  Arriving after the parade from Chinatown and leaving before the fireworks in Trafalgar Square (blaming today’s arctic temperatures) might not have helped see the day’s highlights.

What we did manage was a seeing a dancing Chinese dragon, London Mayor Boris Johnson painting the dragon’s eye, and a visit to Chinatown. I’m afraid the rest of the day involved hot chocolate, tea and cake, which were definitely enjoyed but not exactly planned.

If you made a visit and there were some highlights worth visiting, please let me know.  There’s always next year!