Cocktail Hour ~ The London Cocktail Club

What better way to celebrate the last Friday of January and the end of pre-payday blues with a cocktail hour? Our venue of choice, The London Cocktail Club, has a name which said there was no messing that cocktails would be their specialty.

There are two in town, the original on Goodge Street and the newly opened New Oxford Street.  Being a fan of trying out new things and a good rum cocktail, the “tattoo inspired British Navy Rum bar” on New Oxford Street was an easy choice.  You’ll actually find it on Shaftesbury Avenue and from the entrance you could mistake it for a basement tattoo parlour (fitting for the concept of course).

The staff were friendly and welcoming, the bar is lively with classic tunes reminiscent of our university days. As I hoped and expected the cocktail list was fairly extensive and not too complicated you couldn’t make a choice and worry about getting a strange concoction.  Between the four of us we tried a good few! My favourite, the Mai Thai, is classic with a flame (the modern day cocktail umbrella), the Cup Tail with cream frosting was an interesting concoction.

After a few cocktails the music is infectious and you definitely get into the atmosphere.  It’s a great second bar for a Friday night where you’re looking for a fun time with your friends.

I might just have to try the original LCC for a few more well mixed cocktails…